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Quick tips for an enticing agency listing


Here come some quick tips for an enticing listing on Promotions & PR Directory – check the following before you click the [Next Step] button for submission:

  • Have you added a company profile picture?
  • When you click “find on map” for your address, Google Map API will return a shortened version of your address which is up to street level only. Be sure to re-type your full address if you need it
  • Do you want to include more pictures for your listing? There’s a maximum of 5 picture placeholders!
  • If English is not a native tongue in your home country, it’s good to add back your company name in local language in the title field

Happy listing!


March 30, 2013 |

Get the most out of your directory presence


It’s a wise choice to list your marketing agency in Promotions & PR Directory as our meaningful and keywords targeted domain name gives it high authorities towards search engines naturally. So Promotions & PR Directory is born to be authoritative. In addition, its social connection and optimized structure are also key points to contribute to its status in the realm of marketing services on the web. All in all, Promotions & PR Directory gives you a very countable landing port for a good web presence.

Nevertheless, you can be further benefited from the listing if you have done the following right, so check them out:

  • As a fair game, each company can be listed in only one category. However, by inputting more relevant “tags” at the bottom of your listing page, you can boost your presences in related searches (Google / Yahoo plus in-site search) dramatically
  • Tweet you listing page and share it on your Facebook and LinkedIn timelines. Ask your friends and colleagues to retweet and share them. By doing so your page will be more popular and its authority will be gradually increased.
  • While your company has done a good job and deserve a compliment, ask your client to do it on your listing page. You can then tweet it and share it. One more thing – remember to leave a sincere reply to your client

Keep going!



March 30, 2013 |

Just another business directory?


We saw there are quite a few marketing directories published in Hong Kong, in Asian or even around the world. We, however, also saw majority of them didn’t evolve to tap into demands nowadays.

It’s a crazy idea that we ultimately decided to make a better one ourselves. Thanks to the open-source community, building a robust and secure web application is far less painful then years before. We also talked to our marketing friends to understand their needs and at the end of the day tried to work out a marketing directory which can be:

  • viewed painlessly on mobiles and tablets
  • well connected with social media
  • rated and commented with good credibility
  • keeping pace with latest categorization of marketing services

We’re glad to see the above features built like minecraft into our website over the last few weeks. We’re even happier to see it go live smoothly after a long day of final testing and tuning.

As a tribute to the open-source foundation, listing in Promotions & PR Directory (PPD) will be perpetually free. We hope you enjoy using our services!



March 25, 2013 |
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