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Contact: Nichole DiBenedetto

DDPR’s principals have 35 years of combined experience in luxury lifestyle marketing communications. During this time, they have developed in-depth knowledge, distinct expertise and strong reputations within the industry for consistently demonstrating exceptional skills to a market niche that knows and trusts us.

DDPR regularly works with the whole spectrum of national and regional media, covering lifestyle topics throughout the U.S. DDPR’s comprehensive media database has been developed over the course of many years, and is continually updated and expanded. The list is supported by strong personal relationships and includes powerful contacts at the highest editorial levels as well as key freelance contacts, which are often a backdoor into highly sought-after publications.

Given their extensive experience in luxury lifestyle and travel media relations, DDPR’s principals are regarded by the media as a resource for current industry trends, a reliable news source, and a sounding board for story ideas. Clients benefit from these networking relationships through increased awareness, opportunities for company management to serve as a news sources, and mentions and inclusion in appropriate articles.

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