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Kyoritz Advertising Agency

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Contact: Paul Adachi

Title: International Sales Manager

Founded more than 60 years ago, Kyoritz Advertising has worked with clients primarily in the transit advertising field. Over the years we have established a central position, formed strong relationships with the rail companies, and contributed to the development of the advertising industry in general.

Now, using the know-how we have gained in the transit ad field, we endeavor to increase our activities in the area referred to as “below the line.”

The changes which have occurred within our company are directly parallel to those in the Japanese economy. Rapid post-war growth, the Bubble Economy of the 90s, the “Lost 10 Years;” there have been many eras in the Japanese economy. Adapting to the change of tides, we have changed modes of communication and our livelihood. At the present time as we face change on a world-wide scale, we see the need for new paradigms.

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