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The Hallway

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Contact: Jules Hall

Title: Managing Partner

We’re striving to be different, to build a better type of agency. One that is nimble, courageous and determined to be better: better for our staff, better for our clients, better all round. This means constantly questioning, daring to do what our instinct tells us is right, regardless of how different to the norm that may be. And putting our money where our mouth is, with no one to bail us out if we get it wrong.

Our structure is built on freedom and flexibility. This ensures our business is dynamic and efficient in the way it evolves, enabling us to create an incredibly diverse array of work.

We believe we’re in a new era of specialisation so we’re redefining what a great agency should be. We’ve shaped a new type of team, a team that unites all channel specialists under one roof working together without silos to help solve clients’ problems. ONE TEAM.

We are doing this because there is no doubt that the best work is created when you get different disciplines working together combining their own unique perspectives. When those disciplines are all on the one team, we find it is a lot more effective, and a lot more efficient for clients.

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