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We believe that by providing advertisers and publishers with efficiency, cost savings and complete control over budgets, revenue and campaign management, we help make this industry a better place to do business. Our self-serve platform helps streamline the media planning and buying process by providing a suite of enterprise tools that enable speedy and efficient negotiations for all essential deal points, and centralized ad operations including trafficking, tracking and optimization, reconciliation and billing.

TRAFFIQ is the only industry platform to provide transparent, searchable inventory and buyer & seller control of price points and deal terms. It enables a uniquely clear look into the marketplace, which supports and rewards publishers of quality inventory and brand-conscious advertisers.

TRAFFIQ® is an open, transparent and efficient marketplace for online advertising. The experience of TRAFFIQ’s founders as publishers, media buyers, e-commerce and Internet technology specialists has enabled them to recognize costly inefficiencies and gross inequities in the current online media buying and selling process. In light of these, they have sought to establish a data-rich trading platform that will mutually benefit all buyers and all sellers by maximizing their yield and managing their inventory effectively. The founders of TRAFFIQ have directed their extensive experience and unyielding passion to improve not only the process, but also the results. TRAFFIQ, Inc. is a privately held company.

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