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Quick guides to benchmark your web presence


Listing in quality directories is a good way to increase your web presence, or in guru terms, your PageRank , MOZRank and Alexa Ranking, to name a few.

In the good old days of search engine optimization we were taught to apply tips and tricks in page design and add bunch of meta content on each page, hoping that higher ranking could be achieved. However, nowadays there’s one single thing that really count – content.

You probably can find lots of resources telling you how to write good content -be it a blog, an on-going corporate or industry news updates or any other information which keeps visitors coming again and again. Of course if all your content comes with little buttons for social sharing it will be even better.

There are a few good websites which give great quantifiable assessments to your above efforts. It’s good to let them be your coaches to further improve your content deployment and web presence:

1. Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader is a free tool that analyzes your website and provides actionable insights to improve your web presence. It has a very comprehensive analysis yet it gives you not only numbers, but invaluable step-by-step advice for you to follow

2. OpenSiteExplorer

Powered by SEOMoz, it gives authentic indicators on Domain Authority and individual Page Authority of your website. It also provides detail information on what websites are linking to yours (what we call backlinks) including the authority index of each of them. The more quality backlinks you have, the more popular your website is deemed to be. It’s one of the crucial factors to have a high ranking in search engines

3. Google Analytics

A very powerful visitor-centric analytical tool for your website. It provides very in-depth drill-down information on who your visitors are, where and how they come to your website (e.g. via social media or via particular search terms) and their behaviors while visiting your website. However, you need a google account as well as placing some tracking codes inside your website to track these information

4. Website Health Check

It provides kinds of “sanity checks” of your website coding and helps to debug any problem areas which potentially hinder your website to be effectively indexed by search engines


The no-nonsense Google PageRank checker. The benefits of is that it allows checking multiple websites in one go, so you can instantly benchmark yours vs your competitors


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