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7 common misunderstandings about directory listing


1. Directories are the same as link farms

This is completely untrue. A Link Farm is a website that lists a collection of all kinds of links in no particular order.  Anyone can submit their site to be listed in link farms, without having to undergo a process of review. The information, of course, is miserably messy.

Web directories, on the other hand, are websites that list and classify websites by categories and sub-categories. In order to get a site listed in a web directory one would have to submit the site to the directory along with a few details, including titles, descriptions and keywords, just like our Promotions & PR Directory. Sites that are submitted to directories will have to undergo an editorial review.

Links from quality directories are valued by the search engines and could help improve search engine rankings, since the links are manually reviewed and categorized.

2. There is no point submitting to directories that look similar to each other

Although several directories may seem similar in terms of layout structure and the categories they contain, this does not in any way mean that the directories will not be valued independently. There are many directory templates available on the web. Several directories may use a single template. However this does not mean that all these directories are the same. They may look alike and even contain similar categories, but each directory would have its own separate editorial staff that review and value the websites submitted, according to the guidelines of that particular directory.

As such, the links that a site may receive will vary from one another, each coming from a separate directory. Hence each link will be counted and valued independently by the search engines.

3. Directories are no longer important today

If you have been concerned about the rumors doing the rounds over the last several months regarding the declining importance of directories, here’s a link from Google engineer Matt Cutts himself, conveying the message that as long as links are from quality directories, they will still be valued by search engines.

4. Search engines will ban my site if I get too many directory links too fast

No, this is not true. Even if you were to make hundreds of directory submissions within a short span of time, it would still take a while before you start getting your links. Links from free directories could be expected anywhere between 3-90 days after submissions.

Besides, not all directories return links to websites. Hence, the number of links you get and the pace at which you get them with would be quite normal and would not alarm the search engines. Having said that, you could also choose to play safe and submit slowly.

5. Directory submissions do not help increase website traffic

You can make use of directory submissions to build targeted links to your site. You can do so by targeting specific keywords for which you want to rank in the titles that you submit for your site. Titles that are submitted become the anchor text or the link text with which directories will link to your site.

Getting relevant links with targeted anchor text will improve the search engine rankings for the terms you have targeted. The higher you rank, the more visibility you gain as a direct result of which you could expect an increase in the volume of traffic to your site.

However, it is important to continue to build links through directories regularly. A constant flow of relevant directory links with targeted anchor text will help you achieve and maintain top rankings.

6. Directory Links are only temporary

Most directories, just like us, give out permanent links that will last as long as the directory exists.

7. There is no use in submitting a site to a low PageRank directory

PageRank is never constant. The directories that presently have a PR of 0, 1 or 2 may be new directories that have the potential to increase in PR over time.

When some of these directories gain a higher PageRank, many of them tend to become paid directories. Hence by refusing to submit your site to low PR directories for free presently, could prevent you from having a valued listing in what might well be a high PR, paid directory in future.

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