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1. What is the cost of listing in Promotions & PR Directory?

Listing in Promotions & PR Directory is free, perpetually

2. How can I get listed in Promotions & PR Directory?

You need to create an account using your email address or social account. After that you can create your listing by clicking “Create Listing” from the menu bar

3. My company profile picture doesn’t crop correctly. How can I fix it?

We use the first uploaded picture as company profile picture by default. For best visual presentation, please make it 500px X 500px

4. Why my listing doesn’t have input field about my email address?

To protect your company from spammers and email havesters, we didn’t include data field for email address for listing in Promotions & PR Directory. You can, however, put up email address(es) in description field if you really need to do so. As such we have no liability in protecting your email address(es) against those visitors

5. I didn’t submit for listing. Why my company is listed?

You can go to your company’s listing details page and check the “Added by” username. It’s the account opened in (2) as mentioned above. Please check if this user is your colleague, your headquarter or subsidiary company user

6. The listing was created by my ex-colleague and his/her email address is no longer valid. Can we still reclaim our login and update our listing record?

These cases require human intervention so please write directly to for following up. Only emails from the same domain of the listed company will be followed up and we may contact the sender by phone to verify the identity of the claimer. As a supporting service to keep records in Promotions & PR Directory authentic, this service is free too

7. Will you remove negative rating or comments on my listing?

Promotions & PR Directory is neutral towards rating and comments. On the other hand, we do have an internal mechanism to filter comments with inappropriate wordings, malicious links and behaviors.

8. Is my data safe with Promotions & PR Directory?

We have sufficient hardware and software protections to safeguard our website and data against hackers and intruders. In addition, we will never release our accounts and listing data details to other companies. Please be assured that your data submitted is safe with us. For details please visit our Privacy Policy


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