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Key questions to an effective web presence strategy


You’re online because you want to be seen. It’s quite a cliche that a well laid strategic plan is a must for every marketer who wants to go online. Before hiring an online agency for professional advises,  however, you can jump start your web presence marketing strategy by asking yourself the following questions:

Who are your customers
Who are they and what are they looking for from you or your competitors? What is your selling proposition to them? How do your customers utilize technology, what digital media channels do they consume and how do you use this knowledge to engage in a productive long term relationship with them?

Who are your competitors
Who are they and are they the same as your offline competitors? Are they direct or indirect substitution of your products / services (or in the other way round)? It’s necessary to experience their online customer journey and understand in which areas they are doing well and emulate them. Understand what they are not doing well, learn from their mistakes and craft your competitive edges. Is there anything they are not offering and could this be used as your USP or differentiator against their offering? One more thing: don’t limit yourself to local competitors only, after all your competition now could be anywhere in the world!

What is your business, actually
Take an honest look at yourself and your business. Is it ready to completely embrace online marketing? Do you have the right people, skills and infrastructure in place? Can you cope with a sudden upsurge in business volume or transactions? Do you have the right insurance cover to protect you and your online businesses liabilities especially professional indemnity if you are providing advice or storing customer data online. If so you probably need insurance protection against damage caused by viruses, hackers or so.

What are your measurable goals
It’s a very key question but usually overlooked by many. Set every goal in numbers: the targeted revenue, the number of leads taregted to get from online presence, the target conversion rate, and don’t forget, the initial investment and the on-going expenses to keep a healthy online presence of your business. They are what we called the Key Performance Indices (KPIs) of your business

What will you do with the KPIs
Numbers, by themselves, cannot turn into actions. So have you set the action plan how you and your company should react to the KPIs? What if online advertising is not working as good as social media or vise versa? What if the inbound traffic is high yet the conversion rate is low? You probably need a basket of steering plans and backup plans to let you react fast to these questions.

April 22, 2013 |

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