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PPD Listing – LFAQ (Less frequently asked questions)


Occasionally we received questions of similar kinds. We have summarized them and made it a piece of supplementary information to our FAQ :

LFAQ – as on 27-Apr-2013

1. Why my company address is altered when the listing appears?

While you click “Find on map” after inputting your address during registration, Google map API returns a shortened version of your address according to the actual geolocation of your company. Its description is always up to “street” level only. If you’d like to show your full address in your listing, you can simply input it once again after the map appear – and don’t press “Find on map” again.

2. Why is our description shortened?

As a fair game we allow a maximum of 1,000 words for each listing record. If your description is longer than that, the system truncates it automatically. In fact, we do suggest companies to write short description precise and sexy enough to drive visitors to their websites for the details.

3. PPD is designed to be mobile friendly. Why don’t you use HTML direct call link to the phone numbers inside the directory?

We seriously considered it actually. It’s convenient but it subjects to high security risks and privacy issues to the visitors. We ultimately dropped this idea.

4. Can I place advertisement on PPD?

We have no concrete plans for the time being, yet we are opened to any suggestions. Please write to should you have any ideas on advertisement or collaborations.


April 28, 2013 |

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