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Tips and tricks of using Promotions & PR Directory

Tips and Tricks

Promotions & PR Directory sets itself apart from tradition directories by deploying an end-to-end social media integration and a mobile-friendly responsive design. However, they are not the only things that help you, a marketing user, save your time searching and evaluating connections, agencies and suppliers. The following are some good tips for you to get the most from our services:

1. Contacts Curation

By logging into PPD, you can use the “Add to favorite” function to keep a list of your choices. What you may not know is that you will have a very tidy and clear dashboard which displays all your favorite agencies instantly with their ratings and social shares. It save your precious time to click and review them one by one.

2. Spotting Industry Trends

Tags are customized search terms which agencies put up by themselves during listing or revisions. Via a quick glance to the “Hot Tags” widget, which lists popular tags with the text sizes directly proportion to their respective frequencies, you can have an idea how marcom services are evolving. In recent years we came across services like “online reputation management”, “social engagement optimization” and “attrition analytics”. While fancy terms start to appear in Hot Tags, it means market demands for them are on their way.

3. Refined Search With Geolocation Data

While you search by inputting both “Search For” and “Near” fields, your search result will come with geolocation information automatically. You can refine your search by expanding or shortening the distance by dragging the distance bar on the right hand side of the search result. It’s especially useful if you are looking for vendors for relatively small project-base assignments, such as short-run digital printing or other production jobs.


April 16, 2013 |

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